Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Then Came Chloe

After 25 yrs. of marriage and two male hounds, ( the first being a weimareiner that my mom picked out and had shipped to me--number two was our first Ridgeback "Scout" that I picked out unbeknownst to Greg - both came with a whole list of consequenses) we are approaching our first anniversary with the girl we call Chloe.
"Pluto" the weimareiner was about as selfish as a dog can be--could not have cared less if we weren't pleased with his behavior..... he gave our early marriage a challenge we liked to think of as boot camp for young (do we have what it takes to be) parents.

"Scout" was my dream dog : loyal,loving playful--- with one big flaw: in Scout's mind Greg did not exist. Absent was the joyful greeting as Greg returned home, Scout wouldn't even lift his head. Greg grumbled about this fact for 12 yrs. and I pretended it was all in Greg's head.

It's a wonder

1. that we're still married and

2.Greg actually consented to another dog --and

3. another Ridgeback at that.

This time around we had friends who had told us about the rescue/adoption process and we both made the trip to Nashville to find our dreamgirl. Chloe was an "owner surrender" who spent her first year as a back-yard only pup. We are so grateful that her former owners "did the right thing" and gave her and us this chance to get it all right. This third dog's the charm.

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